The return of another sizzling summer makes us expose more skin due to the heat and fashion trends. A prime season and reason to make sure our body is at its finest appearance!
During these coming hot months we tend to show off more of our body, be it because we go to the beach, wear lighter and shorter clothing or just want to flaunt a good tan. However the heat of our scorching summer also brings along a number of unpleasant factors that make many of us suffer.
One of the multiple problems many people face due to the unbearable heat is suffering from heavy legs and the unwanted appearance of veins. This causes feet and calves to become swollen, often accompanied by a dull ache made worse with prolonged standing. This is when one has to also deal with hiding the unsightly and even embarrassing varicose veins and spider veins on the legs.
Several surgical procedures can be used to treat heavy legs and the unwanted appearance of veins. However self medication is a recommended prevention for most people with veins that aren't causing more serious problems. Self medication can relieve symptoms and slow down the progress of broken veins. For many people with varicose veins and spider veins, self medication is now recommended because of the large range of over the counter products available in pharmacies.
The problem can be controlled and kept from getting worse by making use of natural remedies that work both internally and externally, as to give total effect on improving the overall appearance of the legs. A supplement containing phyto-extracts including Red Vine, will act as an antioxidant and also strengthen and stabilise the collagen tissues and capillaries. Red Vine extract has astringent and anti-inflammatory qualities that treat fragile capillaries, varicose veins and contusions. Horse Chestnut extract also has an anti-inflammatory effect and strengthens the collagen structure of the veins. Horse Chestnut inhibits the enzymes (hyalurodinase and glucoranidase enzymes) that break down collagen in the inner part of the vein. As a result of this it diminishes their permeability and consequently prevents, diminishes and cures oedema, superfluous veins, varicose veins and haematoma. Vitamin C and Vitamin E give an antioxidant effect and increase protection and prevention. This combination decreases healing time.
Alta Care Laboratoires –Paris have launched on the market the “Venalta” range of products that improve and prevent the unpleasant appearance of veins and improve blood circulation of the legs. Venalta is a supplement for tired and heavy legs and is ideal for people who work for prolonged periods standing up. Any woman who wears high heels must make use of Venalta to avoid any unwanted breakouts!
Unlike other supplements, the “Venalta” range consists of the Venalta Syrup, Venalta Capsules, Venalta Ampoules, Venalta Patches and Venalta Gel. The range has been specifically extended so as to provide both internal and external action to the legs. Most importantly however, is to note that the main active ingredients include Red Vine extract, Horse Chestnut extract, Vitamin E and Vitamin C, Malt extract and Buckwheat extract which promote venous strength and integrity.
The Venalta Syrup and Venalta Ampoules are supplements that work from the inside to the outside. They contain “fresh” ingredients that are free from additives and conservatives. They are therefore more effective than capsules, since the chemical constituents are not altered during processing, compression, storage and distribution. Capsules lose most of their efficacy due to drying and compressing of the ingredients. 
ALTA CARE Laboratoires – Paris, does not dilute its syrups with water, thus the active ingredients are stronger, and therefore give better effective results. Since hormonal changes sometimes are the underlying cause of vein problems and so play a role in the development of veins, Venalta Syrup contains extra ingredients of Soya and Dioscorea that restore equilibrium of imbalances typically found in women. The Venalta Syrup has a very pleasant taste of sugar free honey and sugar free Cranberry juice.
The Venalta Patches and Venalta Gel work from the outside to the inside. The Venalta Patches are a highly effective and easy to use, transdermal treatment that just involves slapping a patch on either side of the inner thigh every 24 hours. Venalta patches is an excellent way how to prevent the re appearance of symptoms. The Venalta gel gives a very refreshing and invigorating feeling to the legs and outer skin appearance, whilst providing the maximum efficacy of the active ingredients.
For optimal results, it is recommended to make use of the unique supplement range Venalta that is complete range acting not only from the outside to the inside but also from the inside to the outside.




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