When seasons change, or when activity reaches a peak (sports, school, etc.) give your children a food supplement to keep them growing up healthy.
CANDI B Ampoules are recommended for children from four years old; they are specific dietary supplements which promote appetite and growth, thus allowing children to be always energetic and in excellent shape. CANDI B Ampoules contain Honey, Royal Jelly, Pollen, Propolis (natural antibiotic) and Banana Extracts which are naturally rich in potassium and magnesium.
The CANDI B Ampoules’ benefits are derived from the nutritional elements within the beehive to improve your child’s body resistance; they provide tonus and vitality. CANDI B have been scientifically developed to ensure a perfect balanced formula that includes the highest level of essential nutrients which are kept 100% fresh in ampoule form. The active ingredients in ampoule form are kept fresh and are therefore more active than when in tablets or capsules since the chemical constituents are not altered during processing, compressing and storage.
CANDI B Ampoules are especially ideal for children who need to grow up in the best possible manner.




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