A lot of pain treatments on the market usually only have one mode of action, an anti inflammatory mode. However Flodol uses a combination of actions. Flodol helps in reducing the intensity and the frequency of pain and has an anti-inflammatory, enzyme inhibition and micro-circulation inducing action. Flodol helps especially patients who suffer from renal or hepatic insufficiency and consequently cannot be administered with anti-inflammatory non-steroid drugs.

Flodol is preventive when applied on joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments that have been inflamed in the past and useful in sports medicine in order to avoid the reacutisation of wounds, without using drugs prohibited by sports federations. Flodolor has repairing action, restores acid-base imbalance in joints and is used often when there is pain caused by shoes.

Flodol patches are hypo allergenic and waterproof with a prolonged release of 24–36 hours.

Alta Care Laboratoires have now launched Flodol heat patches which acts by heating the part which needs to be healed. They are sold in individual packs and they are extremely effect when the pain is a chronic one.




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