The Altadrine Soup diet is an all-you-can-eat Altadrine Soup diet, and the more soup you eat, the more fat you burn. Altadrine Soup is included within a relatively easy one week programme which makes one enjoy the pleasure of the palate without limiting the quantities!  Unlike most diets, this diet is not based on depriving yourself of food.  On the contrary: whenever you feel like it, savour a bowl of Altadrine Soup which will rid your body of all that congests it, starting with undesirable fats.

The diet’s soup, Altadrine, by Alta Care Laboratoires - Paris, contains negligible calories, so one does not have to worry about losing weight.  In addition, Altadrine Soup is highly nutritious, containing 100% fresh organic vegetables cultivated in France, with a high content of minerals and active substances in a fibre base. 

Altadrine Soup comes in a 300g airtight tin; no additives, colouring agents or taste enhancers have been added.  Altadrine Soup’s taste is completely neutral…so as to suit every individual.  Another advantage of Altadrine Soup is that it’s so fast and easy to make!  No boiling of vegetables, no cooking, no mess!  Simply mix 5 teaspoons in 400ml of boiling water and since the soup tastes neutral one can spice it to one’s heart’s desires (salt, curry etc.)…and pronto!

The basics:
You may begin the day with unsweetened tea or black coffee.  Drink as much water as you can (one to two litres is highly recommended) throughout the rest of the day. 
All day long, morning, lunch time and evening, consume as much soup as you want; along with the permitted food day after day.

Absolutely forbidden:
Avoid bread, alcohol, sweetened drinks, fried foods and savoury snacks at all costs…

Black unsweetened coffee, unsweetened tea, unsweetened fruit juice once a week, skimmed milk once a week, spices, herbs, lemon juice and vinegar for seasoning.

At the start of your day, have your coffee or tea (unsweetened).  All day long, as often as you wish throughout the day, eat plenty of Altadrine Soup.  You can also eat all the fruits you desire, except for bananas.  Don’t deprive yourself; no limit on quantity is imposed on your appetite.

TIP: One can take 10ml Altadrine syrup for better draining.

As usual, for every day, begin with your tea or coffee, and feel free to consume whatever amounts of Altadrine Soup your heart desires.  Vegetables are on the menu for today.  Eat as many vegetables as you like; they can be raw, fresh, cooked…but never fried!  The only exceptions are kidney beans, peas and corn.  Leafy vegetables are recommended.  You may season your vegetables with lemon juice, vinegar, dried or fresh herbs…but no oil.
In the evening, for a treat, you may eat a small jacket potato with a bit of margarine along with your bowl of Altadrine Soup.

TIP: If you are lacking energy 10ml Altasterol syrup might come in handy.

Tea or coffee….and plenty of Altadrine Soup all day long.   The third day consists of mixing the diet of the first two days, excluding the jacket potato.  Don’t forget to drink as much water as you can!

TIP: If you are irritable or have trouble getting to sleep, combine with 10ml Controller syrup.

Wake up with a cup of coffee or unsweetened tea; and eat your Altadrine Soup throughout the day.  The fourth day is ‘banana day’, and you can eat between 3 and 8 bananas.  The bananas will provide you with indispensable carbohydrates.  On this day, skimmed milk or cheese made with skimmed milk is also brought in because of the proteins and calcium they contain.  Allow yourself a small piece of cheese (made with skimmed milk) or a half-pint of skimmed milk.

TIP:  One may have 10ml Altadrine syrup for internal cleansing

As usual…tea or coffee and plenty of Altadrine Soup.  You may eat up to 300g of grilled beef and 6 fresh tomatoes.
For those who do not eat meat, help yourself to a 300g of fish instead.

TIP : Restore your salts and flora with Altaflora Electrolytes capsules.


At the start of your day, have your coffee or tea (unsweetened).  All day long, as often as you wish throughout the day, eat plenty of Altadrine Soup.  Grilled beef steak again for today!  The beef or fish should be accompanied by leafy vegetables.
You may eat three steaks throughout the day, according to your appetite.

TIP : If you do not like meat you can give your body the essential amino acids by combining 10ml Altasterol syrup.

Last day!  Have your usual tea or coffee, and Altadrine Soup every time you feel famished.  Eat as much brown rice and green vegetables as you want.
In order to slim without upsetting the body, one must give it the elements that are indispensable for it without which it would be obliged to use up its own reserves giving rise to fatigue, lack of vitality, short-temperedness, irritability, and, if we push it too far, disease.
Altadrine Soup ensures that the body is getting all the essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins when one is on a weight loss diet, especially a low calorie diet; as people tend to skimp out on vital nutrients when limiting their calorie intake.

TIP : Continue to include Altadrine soup even after these seven days to keep a balanced and varied diet.

So indulge in Altadrine Soup…the more you eat, the more you burn!




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