It remained a mystery for quite a period of time why farmers from the vine growing regions of France almost never suffered from vein disorders. Then the long-guarded secret from folk medicine was discovered. It was customary for French farmers to collect the red vine leaves which are found in great abundance at the time of the grape harvest and to make infusions and paste-like poultices from them. The infusions were filled into bottles and regularly ingested in small quantities. The paste from vine leaves was used for the topical treatment of swollen, painful and tired legs - with great accomplishment.
Scientists and pharmacologists have now analysed and determined the active ingredients of the red vine leaf. The extracts were further developed into modern, innovative, purely herbal, medicaments. This was the time when the venotherapeutic agent found in all the VENALTA® range was born.

The action of the red vine leaf extract –

• improves blood circulation and metabolic activity in the tissues 
• protects, seals and stabilizes the small vessel walls 
• relieves pain and swelling, and tired, heavy legs 
• reduces water retention and edema formation 
• has anti-inflammatory properties

The Venalta Range, by Alta Care Laboratoires Paris consists of an exclusive variety of products ranging from tablets, gel, syrup, patches and ampoules.  The Venalta Range guarantees high efficacy due to the array of products which can be used in combination, for example, Venalta Tablets (which are working from the inside to the outside) and Venalta Gel (which is working from the outside to the inside).  Red Vine extract is present in all the products of the Venalta range, in addition to other food supplements and herbal extracts which promote leg health.




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