The phytoextract ‘Ginseng’ is having an ever-increasing success in Italy and France by being sold in ampoule form.

Ginseng improves the body's resistance to stress, improve memory and overall well-being, is found to be far more intensive and effective when administered in ampoule form, as opposed to capsules and tablets.

Why is this so?
Tablets or capsules go through the process of manufacturing: drying, compressing, adding excipients etc, and throughout this process, some Ginsenosides are lost and the chemical structure is slightly altered, resulting in less effective results.
In the case of Ginseng Ampoules, the extracts are fresh and not processed, and therefore the Ginseng is more active and more effective.

Taking Ginseng in ampoule form leads to better results as it as a more intensive treatment than any other Ginseng form available.

Altacura ginseng is available in ampoule form and even in capsule form. The capsule form is more economical but the ampoule form guarantees the fresh extract and enhanced activity. Altacura ginseng ampoules are the perfect option for people who prefer not to take ginseng in capsule form.




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