05 - Ellegyn Muds Anti-Stretchmarks

3D international

Volume: 0.001484
Weight: 0 grms



1 Monodose sachet 150g




MAIN ACTIVE INGREDIENTS - Alginate, Kaolin, Marine collagen, Vegetal, Grape seed oil (No preservatives, paraben or parfum added)


ELLEGYN anti-stretchmark peel off mask is a new improved generation of hot peel-off body wrap (35°C / 92°F) which is very easy to apply, fast and no need to shower after use. The nice and soft smell of this tensing peel off mask, combined with the heating effect, allows a relaxing sensation during the treatment.


The seaweeds in Ellegyn have tension active properties and they are rich in mineral substances and vitamins. Immediately after the treatment the skin is smooth and toned, and the elasticity of the skin is restored.


The marine collagen has been added to this Ellegyn formula because the stretch marks appear when the elastin fibres that keep the collagen fibres straight are broken. The marine collagen that is added strengthens the collagen fibres that are found in the skin. Marine collagen is able to ensure the maintenance of tissue moisture and elasticity.


The grape seed oil has been added a great content of essential fatty acids, polyphenols and bioflavenoids. The grape seed oil has a positive effect on the cutaneous protective barrier and strengthens the vessels that supply the skin with nutrients.


Ellegyn anti-stretchmark peel off mask is a treatment that is strongly recommended to women who want to be pregnant and also to women who are in maternity. Treatments are also beneficial after one gives birth to restore back the skin elasticity and tone. Since the sachet is in mono dose no preservatives and conservatives have been added which is an added feature in the safety profile of this product. 


Directions of use : for a quantity of paste of 450g : use powder (150g) and hot water (300ml).


Pour hot water 60°C (140°F). Stir quickly and vigorously for one minute until you get an homogeneous paste.
Apply it immediately on the necessary parts. During the application the Ellegyn peel off mask will be after mixing around 35°C (ap 100°F)


Leave the peel off mask to perform its anti-stretch mark function at least 20 minutes. Remove it in one piece. It is recommended to massage an elastin ampoule (if available) before and after applying the peel off mask.




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