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01 - Kito-Z O.T.C. Shampoo

Kito Z OTC shampoo is a medicated shampoo that can be used both on the hair and the body. Kito-Z OTC shampoo is the ideal medicated shampoo to use topically in cases of mixed infections. The underlying cause of skin infections are mixed and the cause may be a fungus or a bacteria or a combination of both.
Sometimes there is no infection at all and it is just a case of an allergy or inflammation. So a lot of people are confused and although sometimes the skin problem does not bother them they do not know what to apply on the skin because they do not know if it is an allergy, inflammation, fungal infection, bacterial infection or mixed infection.
KITO-Z OTC shampoo is 4 in 1 and it also has conditioning agents.
Octipirox  anti allergy properties.
Triclosan - antibacterial properties
Climbazole - antifungal properties.
Zinc pyrithione anti-inflammatory properties.
KITO Z OTC shampoo is used often also a prevention to maintain a healthy skin that has a good smell without the need to mask it with perfumes or deodorants.
• Medicated shampoo that can be used both for hair and body
• Most medicated shampoo or washes are whether antibacterial or antifungal. Keto Z is both antibacterial and antifungal
• 4 therapeutic properties in 1 shampoo
• Ideal medicated shampoo to use topically in cases of mixed infections
• Maintains a healthy skin that has a good smell without the need to mask it with perfumes or deodorants
• Although it has a high concentration of medication, the shampoo also has conditioning agents
• Paraben free
► Octipirox → Anti allergy properties
◘ Triclosan → Antibacterial properties
Climbazole → Antifungal properties
Zinc pyrithione → Anti-inflammatory properties
For patients suffering from :
- Allergy
- Inflammation
- Fungal infection
- Bacterial infection
- Mixed infection
Apply the shampoo on the hair or on the parts of the body where the shampooing action is needed. It is important to leave this medicated shampoo for at least 5 minutes before washing it off.
Kito Z shampoo can be purchased from any pharmacy without the need of a prescription. If symptoms persist it is important to consultant your dermatologist. In some countries Kito Z OTC shampoo is also sold as Kito Z OTC shampoo.




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