ALTA CARE Laboratoires is a privately owned independent multinational company founded in France with the European Union as the main market. With over twenty years of experience in professional consultancy in all the stages required for manufacturing and branding, over the years ALTA CARE Laboratoires has produced products for other multinational companies. ALTA CARE Laboratoires research and development department has handed over many innovative formulations of pharmaceutical quality to other companies throughout the years. ALTA CARE Laboratoires is now also well known worldwide for being specialized in the registration of dossiers in the European Union. ALTA CARE Laboratoires immediately expanded its know-how in the manufacture of cosmeceuticals, food supplements, nutriceuticals, and biotechnology to produce an exclusively innovative line of products to complement the existing line of pharmaceuticals.


ALTA CARE Laboratoires owns 16 brands and today it produces over 150 products that are distributed in pharmacies of 27 countries. Dermastir is the luxury skincare brand owned by Alta Care Laboratoires that is also sold in medical spas as well as in pharmacies. 

ALTA CARE Laboratoires is directly and completely involved in the daily management of the company's business affairs, centralized at the head office in a historic building on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, in Paris, with its very luxurious facilities. ALTA CARE Laboratoires operations and the sales and marketing office is based in central Rome in a 5-storey head office overlooking the most famous square for luxury in Italy, Piazza di Spagna. Training centres, medical spas, beauty centres in association with spas and the INSTITUT ALTA CARE and other universities have also been set up in France and Italy. Alta Care Laboratoires annually participates as an exhibitor in more than 20 fairs and congresses.


ALTA CARE Laboratoires is also a major international player in the branding of products on printed media, television, international trade fairs and cinema. ALTA CARE Laboratoires owns 17 websites that are taken care of internally by a multilingual press office.


Today ALTA CARE Laboratoires is recognized as a specialist in the luxury market of derma-cosmeceuticals and medical aesthetics. Luxury vacuum airless technology jars have been created to protect ingredients from heat, light, oxygen, and contamination. Hydrophilic serums and lipophilic serums are used during the aesthetic treatments in licensed Dermastir Beauty Spas. ALTA CARE Laboratoires has also produced 14 aesthetic machines that are used to compliment the Dermastir products during facial and body treatments.


ALTA CARE Laboratoires will not only be remembered as a pharmaceutical consultancy company but also as an independent multinational company with its vision and its own brands.


"ALTA CARE Laboratoires will continue to be a leader and promoter of development, research and the change that is necessary to improve the quality of the world of well-being. The company will invest a lot of its resources in order to cope with the ever more regulated and fast environment and to set up an organisation capable of anticipating an ever-changing future in this field, unlike other companies that seem to think that this environment will not change much and that people will continue to use their products. ALTA CARE Laboratoires will always maintain that its first responsibility is to satisfy both the professionals recommending our products and the customers benefiting from them".




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